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UDS Mapper Webinars

Special Topics Webinars

» Using the UDS Mapper for Research
» Identifying Opioid Intervention Opportunities for the Health Resources and Services Administration

About the UDS Mapper

» What is the UDS Mapper?
» Data in the UDS Mapper
» Limitations to Data in the UDS Mapper

How To


» Access the UDS Mapper
» Reset Your Forgotten Password
» Navigate to a Location on the Map
» Use the ZIP Code to ZCTA Crosswalk

Tool Box Tools

» Use the Service Area Map Wizard
» Use the Explore Service Area Tool: By Geography
» Use the Explore Service Area Tool: By Patient Origin
» Use the Explore Service Area Tool: By Distance
» Add Health Related Facilities to the Map and Create a Report
» Use the Main Maps Tool
» Change the Background and Add Boundaries
» Use the Population Indicators Tool
» Use the Map My Data Tool to Upload Your Own Address Data
» Identify Opioid Intervention Opportunities with the MAP for MAT Tools

Tool Kit Functionality

» Draw Your Own Points, Lines, Shapes, and Labels
» Save or Print Maps and Data
» Use the Data Table

Specific Use Cases

» Create a Service Area Map and Data Table
» Quick Start Guide for Service Area Maps